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zdesignsny.com Founded & directed by Harry Zaverdas, a Cooper Union, international award recipient. Established in 1985. we offer the highest quality graphic design, advertising & printing services available in the industry.

Each design project & customer is taken very serious. Our philosophy is... "The only way to truly achieve a successful design project, is to understand the clients objectives, then researching the clients industry". We strive to create unique results for each project. We spend a great amount of one on one time with each & every client. Every project is overseen & monitored by top designers to provide our clients with the best possible results. Please contact us for your next design, printing, or web development project.

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we have been working with the top printers in the industry for over 20 years.
Offering only the highest quality printing services available.

Each printing job is monitored to provide the best possible results.

> 4+ color offset

> banners + billboards

> packaging

> embossing

> custom labels

> promotional itemssgifts, pens etc

> mouse  pads

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