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Basic Rates: $160 per hr*
M-F 9am-5pm

Off Hours Rates: Projects (including communication) requested after 5pm M-F, weekends or holidays will be billed $250 hr and may be higher.

Turn Around + Rush Work Rates: Time frame for design work varies between 3-4 wks and may be greater. This does not include additional time needed for any printing services. Projects delayed by customer may be subject to additional time and we may not resume any project in the agreed time frame. All projects requested in a rush will be billed at $250 hr and may be higher without notice.

Note: Not all work is charged per hour. Projects vary and may be charged differently. If an on going customer requests work to be done & does not request an estimate, they will be invoiced after any portion of work is executed. And pojects may be on hold until payment clears.



Estimates: The only estimates that are free, are those which we have pre-set prices for. If you have an estimate from another source, present it to us and we will tell you if we can match or beat it. All others estimate requests will be billed for per hr.

Meetings + Consulting: Meetings & consulting will be billed for per hour. Any meetings requested outside of Whitestone, will also be subject to transportation expenses.

Agreement Terms: Any work, art, design, photography etc, created by or hired to re-design, or execute by Harry Zaverdas, becomes the ownership of Harry Zaverdas and is limited to one time use by client upon payment in full. Additional useage, in any shape or form, without consent, even if any files are provided to customer, will be invoiced and may also be subject to legal action. All rates, terms +conditions are subject to change at any time.


Deposit: A min of 50% deposit is required to begin any work.

Payments: All payments are due within 5 days of invoice. Late payments are subject to the maximum interest allowed by law. Additional time/work required to collect will be billed additional per hourly rate. Bounced/retunred cks are subject to a min of $100 charge.

For complete details request a copy of rates, terms + conditions.

*Minimum to begin any project is $500.


Print version may be outdated. All rates, terms +conditions are subject to change at any time.

 *Rates terms + conditions are subject to change at any time.

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